Cherries represent the official kick-off for the California Stone Fruit season here at SGS. There is no other fruit that compares to the demand our team experiences for the start of cherry season. Varieties such as Corals and Brooks start the season off, which then transitions into the harvest of Tulares. Bings, the premier cherry variety, is a heartshaped, dark cherry with exceptional flavor and brings the short six-week California season to its grand finale. Fortunately, SGS is blessed to have orchards in the earliest harvest areas of the southern San Joaquin Valley as well as the central growing districts and the northwest districts to ensure a consistent supply from start to finish. From our family to yours...enjoy!.


Nutrition Facts


Approximate start date: April 20th - May 27th
Large, firm fruit with a rich glossy red wine finish. Similar timing to Brooks, these trees are very precocious and the fruit has a low susceptibility to rain cracking.
Approximate start date: May 1st - May 30th
Large, deep red fruit, brighter red on stem end. Flesh is firm with shades of red and pink. Round and plump shape with approximately 1½” stems.
Approximate start date: May 14th - June 14th
Heart shaped, bright red with approximately 2” stems. Firm flesh is sweet with red and pink color.
Royal Rainier
Approximate start date: May 21st - June 14th
Soft yellow with splashes of red and pink blush. Delicate, sweet flavored yellow and white flesh. Large, round and symmetrical with approximately 1½” stems.
Approximate start date: May 25th - Late June
Deep, uniform mahogany colored skin and flesh. Rich, sweet and intensely flavored. Round and plump shape with approximately 2” stems.