Black Grapes

Here at SGS, we take the utmost pride in growing some of the finest red, green and black seedless grapes in the state of California. SGS makes it a practice of limiting bunch counts per vine to a level that allows each vine to produce the sweetest, largest, most colorful grapes you will find. From the start of our California season in the central San Joaquin Valley in early July to the completion of harvest in early December, SGS supplies your table grape needs well into the new year. We are constantly looking for new varieties and continue to work with selected nurseries to develop the “perfect grape”. Led by our own SGS RED Seedless variety, look to SGS to provide you with the finest table grapes on the shelves, and you too can enjoy one of the oldest cultivated fruits known to mankind. From our family to yours...enjoy!



Princess Green Seedless

Summer Royal Black Seedless

ML - 11 to 12/16” diameter
L - 12 to 13/16” diameter
XL - 13 to 14/16” diameter
Color: Natural jet black
Shape: Round berries Available: Mid-July through mid-September

Luisco Green Seedles

Autumn Royal Black Seedless

ML - 11 to 12/16” diameter; 3/4” to 1” elongation
L - 12 to 13/16” diameter; 1” elongation
XL - 13 to 14/16” diameter”; 1+” elongation
Color: Deep purple-black
Shape: Tapered oval berries
Available: Late September through December