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Our goal is to delight consumers with the most satisfying eating experience they've ever enjoyed. That means achieving excellence in every area of our operation, exceeding standards of quality, safety and consistency - objectives we pursue every day at SGS!

SGS growers are united in raising the standards in stone fruits and grapes.

  • Harvest requirements based on maturity, taste and quality
  • Consistently promotable fruit volumes
  • A global network of dedicated growers
  • An experienced team of progressive sales partners
  • Partnered with retailers to take consumer satisfaction to new heights







SGS Growers continually earn GlobalGAP certification by demonstrating a solid commitment to our environment, our workers and food safety. If it fosters a healthy future, you can count on SGS to deliver.
Our ongoing commitment to the consumer is evident throughout our operation, from the front office to the back forty. At SGS our promise is simple: We grow, pack and ship fruit with integrity and excellence!
Latest News
Dec 13, 2012
Thank you to all our customers who have supported us through another successful year.
Through stone fruits, grapes and now Hachiyas, we have worked hard to make your shoppers smile by focusing every day on “Good taste, delivered well.”

Dec 06, 2012
SGS project helps disabled veterans
Donating damaged pallets enables a local organization to employ disabled veterans.

Nov 29, 2012
We hope your Thanksgiving sales exceeded your goals!
And speaking of Thanksgiving, all of us at SGS would like to give thanks to all of our retail partners for your continuing support.

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